Thursday, November 20, 2014

Renovating the renovations

When last you saw "Gingi," the red-headed kitchen, she had a two-in-one faucet--the faucet could be pulled out of the "base" to become a sprayer.  Unfortunately, putting the thing back together was like assembling a jigsaw puzzle--the sprayer had to be placed in one exact position in the "base."  Worse yet, the whole assembly leaked at the point at which the sprayer and the base met.  We finally got fed up with having a permanent puddle on our countertop, and had the whole thing replaced with a separate faucet and sprayer.  Here's the new view, as of this afternoon:

[More good news (we hope)--last week, the granite countertop was finally sealed for the second time, and thus far, it appears that the water stains are gone.]

We're still working on replacing the shower head for the third time(!)--the first new version (see link above) was not removal, and the second (see here), allegedly adjustable for height as well as removable, has a height-adjustment knob so difficult to turn that it actually hurts my hands.  We hope that the third time will be the charm--scheduled for next week is the installation of a fixed shower head high enough for my husband, plus a removable shower head low enough not to clobber us if it falls off the hook.  Stay tuned.

Pick one:  countertop, counter-top, counter top.  I'm putting all three spellings here to make searches of my blog easier, as I'm sure I've used more than one spelling.


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